50 Cent accused of deliberately targeting woman in mic throwing incident at LA show

The rapper has denied intentionally targeting the audience member

50 Cent has been accused of targeting a woman by hurling a microphone at her during a concert in LA on Wednesday (August 30).

According to a report by TMZ, Power 106 radio host Bryhana Monegain was struck in the head by the mic thrown by the rapper.

50 Cent appeared to be frustrated after suffering a succession of failing mics and, although he doesn’t deny throwing the object, his lawyer Scott Leemon told TMZ that he “would never intentionally strike anyone with a microphone”.


Monegain has shared bloody snaps of the injury to TMZ, which she has claimed was caused by 50 Cent chucking the microphone towards her in the production area of the Crypto.com Arena.

50 Cent was filmed walking out onstage to join YG for a performance before turning to one side of the stage and hurling the mic. Watch the clip here.

50 Cent
50 Cent (Credit: Press)

Monegain filed a police report on Wednesday night, alleging to law enforcement that 50 Cent looked directly at her before throwing the mic and so he knew that she was there. The radio host was hospitalised with a laceration on her head.

It follows a summer spate of fans hurling objects at artists. One of the most dangerous cases occurred in June when pop star Bebe Rexha was seen falling to her knees after a mobile phone struck her in the face.

The incident left the singer needing stitches above her eye and it was later reported that the concertgoer who threw the device did so because he thought “it would be funny”.


Drake was also the target of items thrown from the crowd. In July he was hit by an object while on stage in Chicago during the opening night of his ‘All A Blur Tour’ with 21 SavageThe object, which hit him in the arm during the performance, turned out to be a mobile phone although he didn’t comment on the incident during the show.

In July Cardi B allegedly flipped the trend when she threw a microphone towards a fan. The battery case that was launched, although which did not name the rapper, was dropped last month.

Meanwhile, in other 50 Cent news, the rapper, actor and producer has complained about his appearance on a character poster for The Expendables 4, claiming that his head looks like it’s not attached to his body.

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