50 Cent burns Gucci t-shirt in protest following ‘blackface’ controversy

A sweatshirt designed by the fashion house sparked outrage last week

50 Cent has set fire to one of his Gucci t-shirts in support of the backlash which has greeted the fashion house following the release of a jumper which was criticised for “resembling blackface”.

Gucci’s black “balaclava jumper” was withdrawn from sale last week after receiving hefty criticism for its offensive design, which featured a striking red cut-out around the mouth and drew comparisons to blackface. The brand said that they would turn the incident “into a powerful learning moment for the Gucci team.”

The backlash against Gucci continues online, however, with 50 Cent taking to Instagram last night (February 13) to upload a video of himself burning a Gucci t-shirt.


“I gotta get rid of all the Gucci I have at home,” he wrote in the caption. “I’m not supporting their brand anymore.”

The clip followed just a number of hours after he pledged in another Instagram post to give all of his Gucci clothing to the homeless “so the right demo can wear it”.


The Gucci controversy preceded another fashion-related backlash which was prompted earlier this week over a pair of shoes which were released as part of Katy Perry’s fashion collection.

The design on a pair of shoes in Perry’s collection drew comparisons to blackface, prompting their removal from stores.


In other 50 Cent news, the rapper recently revealed that he’d been working on new music with Eminem and Ed Sheeran.