50 Cent cuts off interview as he’s quizzed about alleged French Montana assault

"I can’t believe you would say these things about me"

50 Cent has walked out of an interview after being quizzed on recent internet rumours that allege he assaulted French Montana in Miami.

The recent rumours follow a long-standing beef between the pair.

50 Cent was being interviewed by Complex about new ABC drama For Life, which the rapper worked on as an executive producer.


During the chat, 50 is asked if things have been resolved between French Montana and himself, to which he says he “[doesn’t] really have interest in it ’cause there’s nothing really going on.”

The interviewer goes on to bring up the rumours that he allegedly “snuffed” Montana in a Miami club, to which the rapper replied: “No, there’s no truth to that. Why would I do a thing like that?”

The interviewer then responds by saying “I wouldn’t put it past you,” at which point 50 decided to end the interview, taking his microphone off and walking out of the room.

“Why would you think that way?” he said as he left the room. “You think Will Smith would do that? I can’t believe you would say these things about me. This guy right here would assault French Montana. Why would I do a thing like that?”


The long-standing beef between 50 Cent and French Montana has escalated this year, with 50 and his fans accusing Montana of “faking” his Spotify streams last month. Montana responded by claiming that 50 himself was behind the fake streaming numbers in order to escalate the beef.

The feuding continued days later as Montana trolled 50 by posting an alleged photo of the rapper kissing Eminem.

50 recently said he intends never to feud with anyone again in the wake of Kobe Bryant’s death.

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