50 Cent mocks Joe Budden over his response to Eminem’s diss tracks

"Get the fuck outta here Joe Butt Head"

50 Cent has taking to Instagram to hit out at Joe Budden over his response to Eminem‘s diss track on new album ‘Kamikaze‘.

The record was loaded with controversial moments and taking aim at many others with a number of ‘diss tracks‘. Among them, Eminem took aim at Budden on tracks ‘The Ringer’ and ‘Fall’, after the rapper-turned-broadcaster previously slammed his track ‘Untouchable’ as “trash” and “once of the worst songs he’s ever heard”.

While not responding to Eminem’s latest attack through a song, he did take to the air to say that he’s “been better than him for the last decade“ – before later suggesting that the rapper had ‘nothing to say’.


Now, 50 Cent has come out in support of his friend and collaborator Marshall Mathers, by sharing a cartoon of Budden staring out of the window longingly, with the caption: “Joe Budden whenever he sees a young rapper enjoying himself”.

50 Cent himself then added: “Get the fuck outta here Joe Butt Head. We ain’t trying to hear that bullshit you kicking fool.”


This comes after Budden came under fire from Remy Ma for his response to Eminem earlier this week.

“Is that because he actually dissed you and you have yet to respond yet ‘cause you mad pussy and you’re scared to death and you know he will flame you if you even try it?” Remy asked Budden, before he laughed and responded: “No, Remy. I like rap where people are saying things. That’s all. Machine Gun Kelly, regardless of what you think of his actual skillset, he had a lot to say.”

Ma added: “No one really gives a fuck about what MGK has to say. We wanna know what are you gonna say?”


Meanwhile, this week also saw Eminem give his first interview since the release of ‘Kamikaze’ – teasing the reasoning for his feud with Machine Gun Kelly, as well as responding to the criticism of his previous album ‘Revival’.

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