50 Cent mocks Kanye West over slavery and liposuction comments

Rapper revives decade-long rivalry

50 Cent has appeared to mock Kanye West in a pair of tweets.

The two rappers have had a long-standing rivalry, which dates back to 2007 when West’s ‘Graduation’ beat Fiddy’s album ‘Curtis’ to top the US chart.

50 Cent also offered his support to then-President George W Bush after Kanye famously said that Bush “doesn’t care about black people” following Hurricane Katrina, saying at the time: “You know why it feels like Kanye West is as big as 50 Cent? Because he’s safer.”

Now, 50 has poked fun at recent comments made by West on Twitter. Scroll below to see the tweets.

One tweet appeared to make reference to Kanye’s recent revelation that he underwent liposuction. “I’m going to bed hungry tonight because l don’t want you guys to call me fat, and l don’t want to get lipo,” 50 Cent tweeted.

In another tweet, the star referred to West’s controversial comments about slavery last week, writing: “Look at the bright side, l could be saying slavery was a choice.”

50 Cent has also accused Instagram of censorship, indicating that he’s moving his social media activity to Twitter instead. He wrote of Instagram: “They take shit down off my page with out notifying me”.

Kanye West has caused controversy recently by praising Trumpcriticising Obama and meeting with controversial right-wing pundit Candace Owens.

Kanye is said to have returned to Wyoming to finish work on his new album. Here’s everything we know about his record so far.