50 Cent reacts to Chris Tucker’s joke about Michael Jackson’s love for ‘In Da Club’

"Who didn’t like that one?"

50 Cent has shared a clip of Chris Tucker re-telling a story about him and Michael Jackson listening to his 2003 single ‘In Da Club’.

In 2015, the comedian’s Netflix stand-up special Chris Tucker Live was released. In it, Tucker recounted the time that he and his friend Michael Jackson were in a car together when the late singer revealed he “loved” 50 Cent’s first-ever Number One single.

“He liked rap,” Chris Tucker said about Jackson. “He liked that 50 Cent song ‘In Da Club,’ he liked the beat. [I said] ‘Michael, Michael, no! Don’t sing the words. Please,’” Chris Tucker continued before imitating the 13-time Grammy Award winner. “[He replied] ‘I love that song, Chris! I love that beat. I love it, Chris. That is a cold-blooded beat. Of course, I wouldn’t go in the club with a bottle full of ‘bub, Chris. I wouldn’t do that! But I love that song!’”


Now, 50 Cent has shared a clip of the joke to his Instagram with the brief caption, “Yo Chris is crazy. Who didn’t like that one[?] LOL.”

Coincidently, 50 Cent and Michael Jackson have a song together. In 2006, a track named ‘Monster’ surfaced which was supposedly co-written by Jackson and recorded in 2007. The track, featuring a verse written by 50 was later released in December 2010 when Jackson’s first-ever posthumous album ‘Michael’ dropped.

In a two-and-a-half-star review of ‘Michael’, NME said, “‘Monster’ revisits ‘Smooth Criminal’ territory only to be ruined by an inappropriate rap from 50 Cent, while the worst thing you can say about ‘Hollywood Tonight’ is that its catchy signature gets annoying after a while.”

The track, alongside two other tracks from the album (‘Breaking News’, ‘Keep Your Head Up’), was the subject of controversy when, in 2018, it was incorrectly reported that Sony Music hired an impersonator called Jason Malachi to sing the lead vocals on the track. On July 6, 2022, Jackson’s estate and Sony Music removed the song from streaming services due to the 2018 allegations.


Recently, 50 Cent has been touring the world on ‘The Final Lap’ tour. Ahead of his November UK and Ireland dates, the rapper-turned-TV mogul has been touring around North America.

He brought out J. Cole while at his New York stop, who gave the Queens rapper props, saying: “[He’s] one of the greatest n****s to do this shit: 50 Cent, Curtis Jackson… ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’’ is the best album of all time. It’s ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin’’ at number one and it’s ‘Thriller’ at number two, and I love Michael Jackson.”

‘The Final Lap’ tour celebrates the 20th anniversary of 50’s debut album, 2003 rap classic ‘Get Rich Or Die Tryin” and is still ongoing. The North American leg of the tour’s next stop is at Houston’s Toyota Center on August 24 and will end on September 17 at Detroit’s Pine Knob Music Theatre.

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