5ive and Alesha Dixon pull out of pro-Brexit concert

Both claim they weren’t aware that the gig is also a political rally

5ive and Alesha Dixon have pulled out of a gig organised by pro-Brexit campaigners.

Pop group 5ive and singer Dixon were booked to appear at an event backed by Leave.EU alongside Nigel Farage but cancelled claiming that they were unaware that the gig was a political rally.

“When Rich and Scott agreed to play the event they understood that it was a pop concert funded by one of the Brexit organisations and not a political rally,” the band told Digital Spy in a statement.

“As it has come to light that this is more a political rally with entertainment included, they have both decided to cancel their involvement.

“They would like to make it clear that as a band Five have no political allegiances or opinions for either side. Their allegiance is first and foremost to their fans.”

Dixon’s manager also confirmed that the singer had decided to cancel having been initial led to believe the concert was separate to the rally.

“When Alesha was approached to perform at this event it was on the understanding that she would be there purely as an entertainer,” he told Newsbeat.

“It has now come to light that this is more of a political rally with entertainment included.”

“We have decided to withdraw Alesha from the event. We wish to apologise to any fans who may have purchased tickets.”

“I would like to make it clear that Alesha has no political allegiances either way on this issue.”

Andy Wigmore, Director of Communications at Leave.EU, distanced himself from the concert telling Newsbeat that the campaign “have only endorsed the event, we’re not running it”.

Sister Sledge and East 17 are still billed to play bpop Live, which takes place at Birmingham’s NEC arena on Sunday 19 June – four days before the EU referendum.