Former boyband member Abz announces 5ive covers album with a ‘country feel’

Singer says tracks include 'Lamb Dunk The Funk' and 'Keep On Mooooooving'

Former boyband member Abz Love has revealed his plans to release a 5ive covers album with a “country feel”.

Love now lives on a farm, a move that has apparently inspired the new solo record.

“I’ve recorded the 5ive songs with a slight country feel,” he told The Sun. “I’ve done a song called Lamb Dunk The Funk, Keep On Mooooooving and When the Mice Go Out. Serious.”

Love recently put his Brit Award up for sale on eBay in a bid to raise money for some “topsoil and maybe some garden tools”.

As reported yesterday, bidding for the Brit Award has now reached over £1 million. Bidding is currently at £1,100,100 (correct at the time of publishing), with 189 bids made.

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Love asks eBay bidders to “take advantage of my poverty” and reveals he is selling the item to support his new lifestyle. He was most recently seen on BBC2’s Abz On The Farm, which followed him as he moved out of London and set up life on a smallholding in Wales.

In his blurb on the eBay item, Love writes that purchasing the award will ensure “no more awkward silences when people come over to your house” and adds that “this is a real conversation piece even if you didn’t win it! Guaranteed 100 per cent real”.

The Brit Award for best pop act was won by 5ive in 2000. They beat fellow nominees S Club 7, Steps, Martine McCutcheon, Ann Lee and Geri Haliwell to the prize.