Watch ’68’s hand-drawn video for raw new single ‘Bad Bite’

It was crafted in and inspired by "the 2020 year of lemons"

Noise punk duo ’68 have shared a new single called ‘Bad Bite’ along with its hand-drawn official video – watch below.

The song will appear on the Atlanta outfit’s forthcoming third album ‘Give One Take One’, which will arrive on March 26 via Cooking Vinyl.

Following up on the record’s lead single ‘The Knife, The Knife, The Knife’, ’68 have today (February 17) released their heavy, high-octane second single.


The official ‘Bad Bite’ visuals were scrawled and animated “over the entirety of 2020, and a little bit into 2021” by frontman Josh Scogin, who drew on his experiences of the past year for inspiration. He interspersed doodles of the band performing live with “subliminal notes” related to 2020 life.

“The ‘subliminal’ messages are actually what became kind of like a journal for me. A bit of a ‘dear diary’ during the 2020 year of lemons,” Scogin explained of the project.

“I knew I wanted it raw, and I wanted my ‘mistakes’ to shine through (to rebuttal how perfect, pristine, and fake everything seems to be these days.). I wanted it to be HUMAN but before I actually placed it all together, I just thought it wasn’t going to actually work.

“Once I was able to see it all it blew me away. I love it.”

The singer previously said that ’68’s ‘Give One Take One’ “holds some of my favourite moments, lyrically, musicals, and even mentally”.


“I travel down several roads that are equal parts therapeutic to get off my chest and terrifying to share with the world,” he explained. “I believe you can feel the tangible joy that music gives each of us in this album.”

You can see the full tracklist below.

1. ‘The Knife, The Knife, The Knife’
2. ‘Bad Bite’
3. ‘Nickels And Diamonds’
4. ‘What You Feed’
5. ‘What You Starve’
6. ‘The Silence, The Silence, The Silence’
7. ‘Life And Debt’
8. ‘Lovers In Death’
9. ‘Nervous Passenger’
10. ‘The Storm, The Storm, The Storm’