6ix9ine threatens to “fuck up” 50 Cent – but 50 says he’ll “slap the colour out his hair”

But is this latest beef just for show?

6ix9ine and 50 Cent have traded fresh barbs in an apparent escalation of their online beef.

The two rappers have been subject of surprising rumours this year which claim that they are actually related – speculation that was sparked by a questionable Instagram post 50 made back in the summer where he ‘claimed’ paternity over 6ix9ine.

While that rumour appears to have little substance, that hasn’t stopped the two referring to each other as ‘father’ and ‘son’ on social media. 6ix9ine appeared to be riled by 50 Cent enough yesterday (November 12) to call out the rapper and actor on Instagram, declaring that he would “FUCK UP 50cent [sic]”.


50 Cent screenshotted 6ix9ine’s threat and responded on the social media platform, writing: “Aww fuck they are turning my son against me. I told him I’ll slap the colour out his hair, then knock the tattoos off his face but I didn’t mean it.”

Both posts have since been deleted – but you can see a screenshot of the exchange below.

This apparent beef between 6ix9ine and 50 Cent is just the latest feud that the latter has got into this year – he’s also entered into disputes with fellow rappers Ja Rule and Busta Rhymes.

Last week, a video shoot for a 6ix9ine, Kanye West and Nicki Minaj collaboration was allegedly the target of a drive-by shooting. No injuries were reported following the incident.

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