7 Seconds announce split

The Nevada hardcore band - who were led by founding members Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth - first formed in 1980

7 Seconds have announced that they are splitting up.

The hardcore band, who formed in 1980 in Reno, Nevada, welcomed a number of musicians into the fold across their 38 years as a band. Two sets of brothers – the Marvelli brothers (who went by the names Kevin Seconds and Steve Youth) and the Borghino brothers (Tom Munist and Dim Menace) – were behind the initial formation of the band, but Seconds and Youth were the only constant members of 7 Seconds.

7 Seconds – who last released an album in 2014 with ‘Leave A Light On’ – have now announced that they are breaking up. Taking to Facebook yesterday (March 20) to confirm the news, vocalist Seconds wrote: “I had hoped to never ever have to make this announcement.


“I’m here to very sadly and regretfully announce that the band is officially calling it a day and will not be doing any more playing shows or touring in the future.

“We’re a great big and old punk rock mess and the 4 of us can’t really find a way to clean ourselves up or work around the rubble enough to play out as a live band,” he continued. “Those who have worked closely with us or who have followed us throughout our 38 years know how dysfunctional we can be but we always managed to pull our shit together at just the right time.

“This time around, the reality of being middle-aged, working class, not terribly relevant and not being able to bounce back from injuries and personal problems has become a weight just too great for us to bear and all signs finally point to retirement.”

See the band’s full statement below.

New statement from Kevin (on behalf of the entire band), 3/20/18…I had hoped to never ever have to make this…

Posted by 7Seconds on Tuesday, March 20, 2018


The final line-up of 7 Seconds consisted of Kevin Seconds (vocals), Steve Youth (bass), Troy Mowat (drums) and Bobby Adams (guitar).