The dance veterans will be joined onstage by members of Elbow and Simian...

808 STATE are headlining the GPERCUSSION concert, which closes MANCHESTER’s COMMONWEALTH GAMES on Saturday (August 3).

Gpercussion is one of Europe’s biggest free music events, with a concert in Manchester for an audience of 40,000 people. The band will be performing old tracks along with previewing tunes from their new album ‘Outpost Transmission’. Members of Elbow and Simian will join them onstage.

The new album was recorded earlier this year in Manchester and features collaborations with Elbow vocalist Guy Garvey on ‘Lemonsoul’, Simian singer Simon Lord on ‘606’ and The Reverend D.Wayne Love and Larry Love from [a][/a] on ‘Crossword’.


‘Outpost Transmission’ is out on October 7. The full track listing is: ‘606’ ‘Chopsumwong”Wheatstraw’ ‘Boogieman’ ‘Fat German’ ‘Lemonsoul’ ‘Roundbum Mary’ ‘Dissadis’ ‘Bent’ ‘Box O Cream’ ‘Crossword’ ‘Afrodark’ ‘Slowboat’ ‘Yoyo’

A full UK tour will take place in November, details to be confirmed.