A music festival in Edinburgh has banned mobile phones

It's so punters live more in the moment

Organisers of a music festival in Scotland have taken the drastic step to ban the use of mobile phones so that people can “actually live in the moment”.

Attendees of FLY Open Air Festival, which takes place in Edinburgh between May 18-19, will have to lock away their phones in special security cases upon entry to the festival’s Boiler Room stage.

Director Tom Ketley spoke to Metro about the decision. “You would not go to the cinema and watch the film through your phone, so I don’t see how this is any different,” he said.


“Dance music is becoming more popular within youth culture, and more and more young people are getting addicted to their phones. It means people are watching the whole show through their screens.”

He continued: “We felt like there was no other way do this other than take quite drastic action. If you put stickers over people cameras they just take them off.”

Ketley has shipped 8,000 cases over from America for the festival’s measures. The cases have security tags akin to ones found attached to items of clothing at shops, which you use to lock away the phone.

But what about punters needing to access their phones in case of an emergency? They can free their phones at unlocking bases in the lobby.

Honey Dijon, Jasper James, Nina Kravitz, Peggy Gou, Kornel Kovacs and many more perform at the electronic music festival.