A new four-hour KISS documentary is set to air in June

'Biography: KISStory' has got the blessing of Paul Stanley, who calls it "really terrific"

KISS are set to be the subject of a new four-hour documentary set to air this June.

The new project is separate to the band’s upcoming biopic Shout It Out Loud, which looks likely to air on Netflix.

Biography: KISStory is set to air on the A&E network in June over two nights, and has the support of the members of KISS, with Paul Stanley calling it “really terrific”. Featured artists in the film are set to include Dave Grohl and Tom Morello.


A description of the documentary reads: “After 50 years of rocking and rolling all night and partying every day, the #1 Gold Record selling band of all time, KISS, shares their story of success before finally smashing their last guitar and extinguishing the fire-breathing demon.”

Gene Simmons
Gene Simmons performs with KISS in Los Angeles, March 2020 CREDIT: Kevin Winters/Getty

“Through the Biography lens we are able to give fans a backstage pass to a two-night event that honors the legacy of the rock icons behind KISS,” a press release added. “This documentary event is a special tribute to a one-of-a-kind band and the incredible Kiss Army fanbase that has idolized them for generations.”

Elsehwere, KISS’ Gene Simmons has recently doubled down on his recent comments on why he believes that rock is dead.

“The point is, yeah, rock is dead because if we play the game from 1958 until 1988, which is 30 years, you had Elvis, The Beatles, The Stones, Pink Floyd, and on and on and on,” Simmons said.


“And you can go to the heavy part of it, which is Metallica, Maiden, if you want to put KISS in there, that’s fine. AC/DC, on and on and on. Even U2, Prince, Bowie, Eagles. And then you get to disco stuff, and Madonna, and that stuff, and Motown, of course. And then from 1988 until today, who’s the new Beatles?”

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