A nightclub in Burnley is being sued by Vogue

Club owners are being told change venue's name

Owners of a nightclub in Burnley claim they are being forced to change its name after being threatened with legal action by Vogue magazine.

Vogue club owners Rebecca and Jason McQuoid claim the magazine got in touch and told them to change the venue’s name or face being sued.

“No one’s going to think: ‘I wonder if Kate Moss is at Vogue Burnley this week?’,” they told local radio station 2BR. “Everyone knows it’s nothing to do with the magazine. Bullying, I can’t think of any other word – it’s a big business bullying a small one.

“They’ve made their millions, they don’t care about a little business trying to make something in Burnley.”

Vogue magazine has refused to comment on the claims so far.

“We’re a small town, we’re just two people running a small nightclub, we’re not a chain, it’s just very mean,” Jason added.

They said they disagreed with the challenge and originally tried to fight it but, in the end, managed to buy time to rebrand their business.

“It’ll still be Vogue – same owners, same management just another name – we need to find that name – if anyone has any good ones, let us know,” they added.

Jason and Rebecca say they’ve got a few ideas for a new name but don’t want to say anything until they’re 100% sure.

“We want to keep some part of the word ‘vogue’. Hopefully people in Burnley will know it’s still Vogue, it’s just under a different name,” added Jason.