Over 60 fans thrown out of A Perfect Circle gig for taking photos

Band have a super -strict "no photos or video" policy

More than 60 people were reportedly kicked out of an A Perfect Circle concert at the weekend for violating the band’s super strict “no photos” policy.

The group, led by Tool frontman Maynard James Keenan, played a show in Reading, Pennsylvania on Saturday night (November 4), with reports suggesting that over 6o fans were forcibly removed from the gig for taking pictures. The back of every seat in the venue included a sign warning fans that taking photos or video would “result in ejection”.

David Farrar, general manager of the Santander Arena & Performing Arts Center, confirmed on Instagram that the venue “tossed over 60 people last night for taking pics,” adding: “This was 110 percent the band’s policy… it’s not a new policy.”

One fan took to Facebook to complain, writing: “I was thrown out by six Reading police officers for taking pictures. No warning, they blamed the band. Never in 35 years of concert going have I have been treated so poorly. I won’t be back.”

Another commented on Instagram: “The security’s flashlights hunting for people taking pictures were more distracting than cell phones in my opinion.”

A Perfect Circle, whose last album ‘Emotive’ was released back in 2004, have not yet commented on the criticism of their policy.

Back in June, Maynard James Keenan told the crowd that Trump is not the “enemy” at a live show, adding: “Your enemy is ignorance”. Keenan had previously joked during an interview that Trump is late comedian Andy Kaufman in disguise.