A posthumous Chynna album is set to drop next week

Due out a day after what would have been her 27th brithday

A posthumous album from Chynna, ‘drug opera’, is set to be released next week.

According to a press release, the rapper was working on the new release before her passing last year.

Due out on August 20 – a day after what would have been the rapper’s 27th birthday – the statement read: “Prior to her passing, Chynna had been preparing this project and it is with her family’s wishes that the music is released unaltered from her vision, including the project’s name.”


The material remains unchanged, save some “minor production edits” made due to clearance issues.

The announcement, made on Monday (August 9), comes with the release of a new single, entitled ‘Season Depression Pt. 2’.

A follow-on to Chynna’s ‘Music 2 Die 2’ cut, ‘Seasonal Depression’, the song, as with its predecessor, was produced by Nedarb and Suicideyear.

Listen to atmospheric ‘Season Depression Pt. 2’ below:

Chynna – full name Chynna Rogers – died in April 2020, aged 25, from an accidental drug overdose. Her death drew tributes from the likes of A$AP Rocky, Brockhampton and more.


Her first posthumous single, ‘stupkid’ was released on August 19 2020, what would have been the artist’s 26th birthday.

A second Kirk Knight-produced single, ‘burnout’, dropped earlier this year, marking the one-year anniversary of Rogers’ untimely death.

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