Two organisers of the event which saw four a1 fans trampled to death are charged with criminal neglect...

Two people have been charged following the deaths yesterday (March 18) of four teenage girls during a stampede at an A1 record store signing at Jakarta in Indonesia.

Police spokesman Col Anton Bahrul Alam said two organisers from a promotional company in the city had been charged with criminal neglect.

According to [url=]www.bbc.co.uk, the girls were trampled underfoot when thousands of fans turned up at a record store in the Taman Anggrek shopping mall to see the group, as reported yesterday on NME.COM.

The police spokesman added that charges may yet be brought against other people involved in the event.

Earlier today, a spokesperson for a1 told NME.COM: “The boys are absolutely devastated. They’ve just stayed in their rooms since it happened, waiting to get a plane home.”

Two other teenage girls are still in hospital following yesterday’s tragedy.

But Sony Music, the band’s record label in Indonesia, defended the organisers of Sunday’s event and said that the venue had been evacuated within 10 minutes of security guards realising there was a problem.

a1, who won Best British Newcomer at the Brit Awards last month, have had two UK Number Ones to date with ‘Same Old Brand New You’ and their cover of A-ha’s ‘Take On Me’.