But not all of them - Happy New Year indeed...

a1 have hit back at the current crop of bitching popstars in an alarming interview in the new issue of ATTITUDE magazine.

During the course of the interview Ben and Paul, who have thus far maintained a silence while other stars are doing a1 down, speak out. “It’s shit,” Ben says. “Part of it is to create press – the Spice Girls and Westlife sold twice as many albums each simply because they were slagging each other off. Shooting other people down because you want to get somewhere else is not the way that we do it. Still, if the only way the Dum Dums can make waves in the music industry is to slag other people off then good luck to them.”

Paul, meanwhile, is less polite. “Spice Girls! I don’t know what they’re doing. Their core audience is still under 15 and they’re doing bloody house music! For fuck’s sake! What’s all that about?” Paul also considers Britney Spears’ ‘Stronger’ to be “shit”, adding that “I think she’ll be going down the fucking staircase. I think she’s turning to shit.”

Elswhere in the interview the band discuss masturbation, groupies and S&M clubs, with Christian commenting “It wasn’t too bad … I just wore jeans and a leather jacket, though.”