Pop's elder statesman has already collaborated with Ronan Keating and Backstreet Boys, so why not?...

a1 have revealed hopes to work with SIR ELTON JOHN, after the elder statesman of rock, who has already performed with the likes of RONAN KEATING and BACKSTREET BOYS so far in 2000.

Speaking to NME.COM in Manchester over the weekend, a1’s Mark Read said: “I’d like to work with Elton John, write a musical with him or something. He’s always been my main inspiration as far as singer-songwriters go.”

Sir Elton John’s collaboration with Ronan Keating appears on his current ‘One Night Only’ album, while his Party In The Park appearance with the Backstreet Boys proves how happy he is to accommodate today’s pop celebrities.

Christian Ingebrigtsen also talked about the importance of songwriting in a1’s lives – but added that it probably didn’t affect sales. “I don’t really think that a lot of fans really care who wrote the songs,” he explained. “They want the entertainment, they want the good songs. But I think for us it makes it so much more fun to do our own stuff and the satisfaction of having written something that people like. The writing is the most important thing for us.”

The band’s next single, ‘No More’, will be lifted from current album ‘The “a” List’ in February. In the meantime, their first full-length video ‘In The Picture’ is in shops now, featuring all the promo clips to date along with exclusive video performances and home video footage.