As the group prepare to star in their own TV series, Ben Adams hopes it doesn't turn out like 'Spiceworld' or 'Honest'...

a1’s BEN ADAMS has been talking to NME.COM about plans for the Brit Award-nominated group’s much-touted TV show, while slamming pop films like ‘SPICEWORLD’ and ‘HONEST’ as “terrible”.

“It would be great if it came off,” Ben says of the show, which has already been compared to a latter-day ‘Monkees’. “I used to love acting at school, but I don’t get a chance to do it now apart from when we do a TV show and we have to act as ourselves but say things we’d never say.

“S Club 7 released their TV show in a lot of countries they’d never visited before putting out the records,” he says. “Immediately when they go to a foreign country they’ve got the fanbase and recognition so it makes promotion easier.”

a1 showcased their acting skills in a two-part slot on BBC1’s ‘Live & Kicking’ last year, but Ben tells us that the appearance wasn’t wholly representative of their abilities. “We just read the lines through before we went on screen,” he cringes. “Which is probably why we’re not going to win any Oscars for it.” But Ben’s keen to play down any rumours of film roles for a1, unless the perfect script arrives in the post, “because all the pop acts that have done films have been terrible”.

Ben also tells us that a recent interview in Attitude magazine, in which the band discussed masturbation, groupies and visits to S&M clubs, is a sign that the band have ditched their squeaky-clean image. “It depends who you’re talking to,” he muses. “A magazine like Attitude is aimed at people who are older. You’ve got to do an interview in the style of the magazine. If I was doing an interview for a really young kids magazine then I wouldn’t have said half the stuff I did.

“I would have been like, ‘My favourite colour is blue and I like salt and vinegar crisps’. Obviously that’s not the type of answers they’re looking for in Attitude.”

Meanwhile reports in today’s (January 17) popular press claim that Adams has been secretly dating Girl Thing’s Jodi Albert, quoting an onlooker at London’s Papa Gaio bar as saying: “They sat and chatted and had a few drinks when they first walked in. After a while, it was obvious they were getting on really well and it was no surprise when they started kissing. After that, there was no stopping them. They snogged for ages and were both clearly having a good night. They were all over each other.”