'Queen Of The Damned' starring part completed by brother Rashad...

The vampire movie ‘QUEEN OF THE DAMNED’ starring Aaliyahwill now be released this year.

These exclusive pictures show the late singer in her role as the vampire queen in the film based on a novel by Anne Rice. Following Aaliyah‘s tragic death in a plane crash last August, it was thought the film would remain unreleased.

Although filming had been completed, Aaliyah had yet to complete the dubbing of her character, vampire leader Akasha. Director Michael Ryman considered scrapping the film, but instead he asked the singer’s brother Rashad Haughton to dub over the film.

Ryman commented: “It took us all a long time to recover. We were editing the film and trying to cope with that loss.

“Without Aaliyah I had to call in Rashad, her brother, and use his voice in place of hers to add a little more clarity and body in places. I actually asked him to do a track where he whispers the exact same dialogue. It’s creepy.”

The film will now be released in the spring. Aaliyah‘s single ‘More Than A Woman’ is released next week (January 7), and it will be followed by the single release of ‘Rock The Boat’ – the video to which Aaliyah was filming shortly before she was killed.

A spokesperson for Virgin Records added that it was likely there was unreleased material in the vaults, but there were no release dates planned as yet.