The soul singer, who died in a plane crash in the Bahamas last week, is expected to receive a private funeral...

The body of late soul singer AALIYAH has been flown to NEW YORK.

As previously reported, Aaliyah and eight others died when their plane crashed shortly after take-off in the Bahamas last Saturday (August 25). The star had been recording a music video.

According to Reuters news service, the body of the 22-year-old singer was flown back to the US yesterday (August 28). Her body was taken from a funeral home in Nassau to the Internatonal airport, where it was transported to Newark International Airport in New Jersey.

It is expected she will receive a private funeral.

Accident investigators in the Bahamas have called on US authorities for help in establishing what happened to the plane. A four-person team will travel to the island of Abaco to establish the final cause of the crash.