The FBI look into the new evidence...

Investigators into the air crash that killed AALIYAH on August 26 this year have uncovered new information.

The FBI filed a search warrant on the basis that Gilbert Chacon, the owner of the aviation company that owned the doomed plane, had been withholding vital records about the Cessna twin-engine. Chacon is believed to have lied to the FBI, according to reports on www.sonicnet.com, as well as concealing information and falsifying documents.

Particularly damning is information regarding Chacon’s relationship with the plane’s pilot, Luis Morales III. Chacon had previously claimed that he did not have the logbooks required by investigators because he had leased the plane to Morales, thus transferring responsibility for engine and aircraft documentation to the pilot.

However, no aircraft logs were recovered at the scene of the crash and Morales’ father pointed out that his son, recently convicted of a cocaine possession charge, was not financially able to lease a $250,000 plane and was paid on a flight-by-flight basis.

Investigators have gone through Chacon’s files but have not turned up the relevant logbooks, according to US reports. The FBI affidavit maintains that Chacon is shifting blame for the accident, as his company did not have permission to operate commercial flights from the Bahamas.

Chacon, who filed for bankruptcy and admitted fraud in regard to another charter service he ran in 1993, has relinquished his operating certificate.