Chief Keef teams up with A$AP Rocky on ‘Bang 3’ mixtape – listen

Chicago rapper follows up recent run-in with Chicago mayor with new music

Chief Keef has released his new ‘Bang 3’ mixtape, including collaborations with A$AP Rocky and Mac Miler.

The mixtape was released last night, two weeks earlier than fans were expecting to hear it. The tape was originally scheduled to come out on August 18 and follows the 2013 release of ‘Bang 2’.

This release comes amid a busy period in the Chicago rapper’s career. He recently clashed with his local mayor and said he would run for office himself.

Listen to ‘Superheroes’ Feat. A$AP Rocky below and download the full mixtape here.

Keef recently faced opposition from local authorities when he planned to host a concert via hologram in the US city in memory of local rapper Capo and a 13-month-old child, who were killed earlier this month in a drive-by shooting. The concert was later moved to Indiana, where it was shut down by the police.

Taking aim at current mayor Rahm Emanuel, Keef said that police and politicians should “stay the fuck off the people’s music”. He also urged his fans to call Emanuel to vent their frustrations.

Emanuel was reelected as mayor of Chicago in February, with the next election taking place in four years’ time.

The rapper’s originally planned gig in Chicago was cancelled after local authorities said the performance “posed a significant public safety risk. Keef was additionally called an “unacceptable role model” who “promotes violence”

Keef’s appearance in Indiana lasted just one song as police pulled the plug on the hologram performance.