A$AP Rocky opens up about the death of A$AP Yams for the first time

Rapper appeared at the premiere of Dope

A$AP Rocky has spoken in-depth for the first time about the death of A$AP Yams.

Yams – real name Steven Rodriguez – passed away last week. He was instrumental in the formation of the group A$AP Mob in 2007 and is also credited as being a key figure in Rocky’s solo success, telling The New York Times in 2013 that “Rocky’s like Luke Skywalker, and I’m Yoda”.

Appearing at the Sundance Film Festival yesterday (January 24) in Utah, Rocky attended the premiere of Dope, a movie that sees him make his big-screen acting debut. The Harlemite later appeared onstage at the premiere’s after-party and performed two songs, the second of which he dedicated to Yams.

“That performance – that was just going to stop me from crying,” Rocky told Billboard. “I had to address it, because the whole time I was rapping and I wasn’t into it, which is sad, but I just gotta keep it real. I can’t front. It’s even harder knowing that I gotta fly out in less than an hour just to go bury him. That’s the part that eats at me.”

Rocky also took the opportunity to dismiss reports that Yams died of a drugs overdose. The real cause of the 26-year-old’s passing has yet to be revealed. “People were saying that Yams overdosed on drugs – he didn’t overdose on any drugs,” said Rocky. “I feel like people feel that way because that’s all he’s in pictures doing. When you see A$AP Yams you see Hennessey or purple drink, you see some type of controlled substance or illegal narcotic.”