A$AP Rocky unveils new single ‘Pretty Flacko II’ – listen

Track is rapper's first single since the release of "Multiply" in October

A$AP Rocky has premiered his latest single “Pretty Flacko II” online.

The Harlem rapper posted the track on his official website on Wednesday (December 31), announcing its release via Twitter. Click below to listen.

“Pretty Flacko II” is produced by Chicago duo Nez and Rio and clocks in at a sprightly two minutes six seconds. The song follows the original “Pretty Flacko”, which came out in 2012, and is Rocky’s first single since the release of “Multiply” in October.

The 26-year-old recently made news when he compared his fashion dilemmas to the Civil Rights Movement. The comments were made in reference to Rocky’s supposed beef with the fashion brand Hood By Air after “Multiply” included the lyric: “HBA shit is weak, you can keep that”.

“I can say that I’ve been scrutinised for my fashion since I was about 15 years old,” he told New York magazine. “A lot of people got it easy. I feel like I had to go through the whole Civil Rights Movement just to be comfortable, to make other people comfortable, to be able to wear what they want to wear, and a lot of dudes are just claiming to have it without having to have that sacrifice or suffering through all that kind of shit. We’ve been through that kind of shit. That’s all I can really say about it. It is really miniscule. It’s no real beef.”