Fan falls from lighting rig during A$AP Rocky show at Australian festival

His injuries are said to be serious but not life-threatening

A fan has fallen from a lighting rig during an A$AP Rocky performance in Australia.

The incident took place on New Year’s Eve (December 31, 2013) at the Origin Festival in Perth, after a fan scaled the lighting rig onstage, reports Spin. In video footage which you can see above, A$AP notices the man dangling from the rig above the stage and comments: “Oh shit, kid. Come on man, be careful… Somebody help this kid before he kills himself.” After the man fell, a shocked A$AP said: “Oh shit… He’s okay though, right?”

Local news source The West Australian went on to report that the man’s injuries are “serious but not life threatening”. Festival organiser and Horizons Touring director Saran Bajaj said that the man managed to sneak past security, who responded by clearing the space beneath the unnamed fan, so no-one else was harmed when he fell.

Bajaj commented: “We are really upset at the guy’s behaviour. Slipping past security to go up there was really irresponsible and unfair on the crowd.”