A$AP Rocky: ‘Rihanna is a pothead’

The rapper also spoke of his love for Skrillex

A$AP Rocky has called Rihanna a “pothead”.

The hip-hopper was speaking to Rolling Stone, when he made the comment, saying:

“Rihanna is a pothead and so am I, so we’re real cool. Weed is going to bring us together as a generation. Drugs is what created Woodstock. Let’s be clear about that.”


In the same interview, A$AP Rocky said that he ‘loves’ going to see Skrillex play. Rocky said: “I love going to his shows. It’s like a rave every time. Everyone goes crazy.”

He went on to speak about his debut album, ‘LoveLiveA$AP’, which is out today and features guest appearances from Skrillex, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and Florence Welch. When asked what statement he thinks he’s made with the album, the rapper replied: “I want people to say he’s the best artist – not the best rapper of his generation, but the best artist.”

A$AP Rocky added that he wants to act in films in the future. He said: “I want to do movies. But not only that, I want to be a motivation for people. I want to be an activist and really inspire the hopeless youngbloods. I want to let them know that there’s hope out there. Life is a bitch, but there’s always hope.”