A$AP Rocky SXSW show ends in brawl – video

Rapper and his crew fight with fans

A$AP Rocky‘s final SXSW show ended in chaos when a large brawl broke out between the rapper and his crew and the crowd.

The fight erupted late on in the Harlem rapper’s set at the Vice Kills Texas party in a downtown Austin warehouse venue. During a raucous set, one stage-diver stole a do-rag from a member of the A$AP Mob. The gig was then halted as group pleaded with the crowd to return the stolen item.

One member of the group can be heard in the YouTube video, which you can see by scrolling down and clicking, asking the crowd for the return of the do-rag. It is at this point that a member of the audience throws a beer can at another member of the crew.


Rocky responds by trying to calm the situation down but, after some verbal back and forth with the audience, he then shouts: “Don’t throw nothing no more bro. The next person who throws something that ain’t water…”

But before Rocky has time to finish his sentence another beer is thrown on-stage and he and his crew jump into the crowd, where a fight breaks out with the audience.

According to Spinner, at least one member of the audience suffered injury from the ensuing brawl, and is reported to have a visible gash on their head.

Scroll down and click to view a video of A$AP Rocky and his crew fighting with the crowd.