A$AP Rocky claims he acted in self-defence as assault trial continues in Sweden

The rapper has pleaded not guilty to assault

A$AP Rocky‘s trial in Sweden is formerly underway, with the rapper accused of assault after footage emerged earlier this month of him and his entourage apparently pushing a man to the floor in Stockholm.

Today (August 1) both Rocky and the alleged victim, named by TMZ as Afghani refugee Mustafa Jafari, appeared in court to share their accounts of the story.

According to BBC reporter Larissa Kennedy on Twitter, Jafari alleged that four men, including Rocky, attacked him, with some using glass bottles as a weapon.


Rocky, however, has claimed that he acted in self-defence after Jafari approached him and his entourage, refused to leave when asked by his security guard and swung his headphones at Rocky’s bodyguard.

“We wanted to get away from these guys,” he said. “Me and the crew started to tell them, listen, go the other way, we don’t want no problems.”

Rocky said that the men continued following them, and that he and his entourage did pick up glass bottles to stop them being used by Jafari and his friend, but that  he then “realised it was stupid… not necessary… [and] put them down.”

He said that he only got involved physically in retaliation after the man began attacking his security guard, and that he was considering pressing charges himself.


“I know my security guard, he follows protocol… to protect me at all costs,” Rocky said. “But [his bodyguard] is not a violent person. I’m a celebrity so I didn’t want to cause too much attention.”

“You got to realize my life is very unique and particular. I’ve been stabbed in the face and my home has been robbed at gunpoint twice. That’s why I have security.”

Rocky also said he believed that Jafari was on drugs. “He was fearless, his eyes were all weird, he came up to a big bodyguard and asked us questions he knew we couldn’t answer. He looked like he was on drugs,” he said.

The trial is ongoing, despite Donald Trump’s attempts to intervene at the behest of Kanye West. “In Sweden, everyone is equal before the law and the government,” he was told.