A$AP Rocky is holding off sharing his Swedish prison stories until he releases new music

"A lot of people want to know how I am feeling about the whole situation"

A$AP Rocky says that he’s holding off sharing any of his experiences from when he was incarcerated in a Swedish prison until he releases some new music.

The Harlem rapper was arrested earlier this year in Sweden on suspicion of assault following a fight between his entourage and another man. Rocky listed his nickname as “pretty mother fucker” in Swedish police documents.

He was released on August 2 before being found guilty of assault and handed a suspended sentence and ordered to pay damages.


Since his release, Rocky has chosen to keep his statements on the subject brief and it turns out there’s a calculated reason for this.

In an interview with Vogue to promote his AWGE retail space that opened in Selfridges London today, Rocky hinted he’s saving his stories from Sweden to use in his upcoming music. When asked what he’s up to at the moment, he responded:

“Right now I am working on, I would say, something that is highly anticipated because a lot of people want to know how I am feeling about the whole situation. Making music is fun. It’s always fun. In a way, it’s a parallel with fashion because I think the right key, the right silhouette, the right look — the right expression — can trigger an emotional connection: sometimes a nostalgic connection and sometimes an enticing connection with people.”

Rocky also revealed that his Babuksha Boi persona was birthed after he got a scar on his face before a TV appearance and so he decided to wear the headscarf. The donning of the scarf sparked a fashion trend, and when asked by Vogue where the scar came from, Rocky wouldn’t give an honest answer, claiming that he always gives a different story. For this particular interview, he attributed it to a fight with his long-nailed auntie.

Rocky’s first gig in the US after being released from prison was at the Real Street Festival in California – watch it here.


He started the performance with a mask covering his face, before telling the crowd: “I’m so happy to be here right now, y’all don’t even understand.

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