Aaron Carter responds after being ‘attacked’ and accused of racism by his support act

The pop singer reportedly sought treatment in hospital following the alleged incident.

Pop singer Aaron Carter has taken to Twitter to explain an alleged altercation that happened at a recent gig.

Carter, brother of Backstreet Boys singer Nick, was performing at the Looney Bin venue in Bradley, Illinois on Friday (February 17), when a member of support act III State reportedly began behaving in a way that he found distracting.

As security removed the III State member from the venue, Carter appeared to shout, “Bye, Felipe!” – a play on the “Bye, Felicia!” meme that seemingly mocked the III State member’s Hispanic roots.


Sharing video footage on YouTube, III State wrote: “While Carter was performing, one of the Ill State members was in the crowd at the front of the stage enjoying the show. As he was conversing with friends Carter decided to comment on the lack of attention to him.

“Carter continued with a cocky attitude and continued it by telling him to leave and saying, “Bye Felipe”. Carter’s disrespectful and racist comment caused an up roar. Watch for yourself.”

According to TMZ, the III Street member allegedly attacked Carter after the incident. The ‘Crazy Little Party Girl’ singer was reportedly left “bloody” and sought treatment at a local hospital.

In a string of tweets following the alleged incident, Carter denied that he got “beat up” and insisted he is not a racist.