Aaron Carter responds after being called out for using artist’s work without permission

"You should've taken it as a compliment dick"

Aaron Carter has been called out for using an artist’s work without permission to promote merchandise on his official website.

The pop star took to Twitter to inform followers that his own branded hoodies were back in stock, sharing an image of two lions created by Berlin digital artist Jonas Jödicke.

“two lions at war can reach an understanding. I have my lions den, you have yours. https://aaroncarter.com Hoodies are BACK UP!!! all un received orders contact Dawn in my contacts on my website. you can reach me directly too. xo,” his tweet read.


Jödicke later reached out to Carter to inform him that he had used the image without asking permission.

“Hey @aaroncarter.. You are using my artwork to promote your merchandise,” he said on Twitter. “I have not given you permission to do so. My art is being commercially exploited by people on a daily basis. We artists have rights, too!”

Jödicke then asked followers to retweet the message so that Carter would see it.

Carter responded: “you should’ve taken it as a compliment dick a fan of MINE sent this to me. oh here they go again, the answer is No this image has been made public and im using it to promote my clothing line http://aaroncarter.com guess I’ll see you in small claims court FUCKERY.”


“Celebs like @aaroncarter should set an example, especially since he’s also from a creative background and knows copyright laws,” Jödicke said in a follow up tweet. “If they can take art and do whatever with it, anyone can and will do it. If they’re not held responsible, people won’t stop treating artists like crap.”

At this time Carter has not responded any further.

In another tweet, Jödicke claimed that Madonna had once taken some of his art and photoshopped her face on it, saying he was “fed up with people taking my hard work for their own purposes without even asking.”

Last September, Aaron Carter shared a lengthy and emotional post denying his brother Nick‘s claims that he “threatened to kill his wife and child“.

The two pop siblings made headlines when it emerged that Nick had filed a restraining order demanding Aaron must keep 100 feet away from him, his wife, children and other family members.