The band's Bjorn Ulvaeus speaks exclusively to NME.COM...

ABBA’s BJORN ULVAEUS has spoken exclusively to NME.COM to say that his legendary band will never reform – not even for a billion dollars!

The star was speaking at the Los Angeles opening of the hit musical ‘Mamma Mia’, which happened at the city’s Shubert Theater on Monday night (February 26).

The show, which features a host of Abba’s best-loved hit songs, is currently in its third sell-out year at London’s Prince Edward Theatre.

Talking at the aftershow party, Bjorn told NME.COM that the band had already been offered a billion dollars to get back together, but had turned it down, even though they are now on good terms, because they felt that the show wouldn’t be the same now that they’re in their 50s. Bjorn said: “We just came to the decision that it would be wrong to do it.”

However, he said that he felt the songs themselves hadn’t aged a bit. “I was struck tonight how fresh the songs still sound,” he exclaimed.

Bjorn also played down suggestions that now the musical was in LA, it would soon be made into a film.

“I may be being old-fashioned,” said Bjorn, “but I think there is a longer stage-run if there isn’t a film.”

However, film giant Universal hosted the party, so perhaps a flick is in the making.

Also at the party was ‘Grease’ star Olivia Newton-John. She told NME.COM: “I would love to star in the film version of ‘Mamma Mia’.” However, she hadn’t been so keen on appearing in the stage version, which heads next to Australia, she said, because eight performances a week was too much.