ABBA discuss the sound of their new material and how they ‘never really broke up’

The pop legends return with the sound of old and new

ABBA have discussed what sound the band explore on their upcoming new material, as well as claiming that they never really split up.

Last week, the Swedish pop veterans announced that they’d recorded their first new material in 35 years. ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ and another new song will be unveiled via a TV special in November, ahead of a ‘virtual’ hologram ABBA tour in 2019.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus said that the band have actually been on a break until recently, after spending time apart to focus on other projects.


“We never made the decision to say, ‘We’ll never do it again’,” said Benny. “Björn and I wanted to write Chess together with Tim Rice. We said to ourselves and to the girls: ‘We’ll probably need two years, so let’s take a break’. During this time they both made solo albums. But we needed four years for Chess.

“Then we were like: ‘It was four years, why should we get together again?'”


Asked about the sound of their new material, Benny replied: “One of the songs is like we would’ve written it [for] today. The other, we could’ve written in 1972.”

Bjorn added: “I think so. It certainly sounds ABBA very much. If I were to listen to the British Top 10 today, I’d have no idea what’s going on.”


Meanwhile, this week also saw ABBA speak out to deny the rumours that they’ll headline Glastonbury – or even tour physically.

“We should remember them how they were in the 1970s, and listen to how they sing today,” a spokesman said.


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