ABBA’s Frida on the possibility of more new music: “Never say never”

"I’m so happy that people are so touched by what we do"

ABBA‘s Anni-Frid Lyngstad has spoken on the possibility of more new music from the group.

The Swedish icons returned last week with ‘Voyage’, their first studio album in 40 years. They’ll showcase the record with a string of “revolutionary” concerts at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in 2022.

Last month, the band’s Benny Andersson explained that ABBA would retire after releasing the record and completing its accompanying live events. “This is it,” he said. “It’s got to be, y’know.”


Now, in an interview on BBC Radio 2, Lyngstad – aka Frida – said that she’s “learnt to say ‘never say never’” in regards to future new material.

“This year we have probably said this must be the last thing we do because… also thinking of our ages, you know,” she continued. “We are not young any longer but I’m saying you never know. So don’t be too sure.”

Frida added: “I want the band to be remembered like a band who made people feel something in their hearts when they listen to our music. I want to be remembered as a member of a band who has people that gave them comfort, that gave them happiness, that we were there for them and for ourselves as well of course.

ABBA are back with new album and "revolutionary" live experience, 'ABBA: VOYAGE'. CREDIT: Press
ABBA are back with new album and “revolutionary” live experience, ‘ABBA: VOYAGE’. CREDIT: Baillie Walsh

“I’m so happy that people are so touched by what we do – apart from some very sour critics, but we don’t care about them [Laughs].”

Elsewhere, Frida admitted to feeling “a little bit tense” when she headed back into the studio with ABBA – despite having “always stayed in touch” over the years.


“So with anticipation, I went into the studio to meet with the others because it’s always fun to work together with them,” she explained.

“It’s always magical to sing together [with Agnetha Fältskog], but we have something special as you know – not only voice-wise but also as friends. Once we closed the doors behind us in the studio we felt at home both of us. What can I say… coming back home again, having fun with my little sister. That’s how it felt.”

Back in September, Fältskog said she “felt that maybe [the ‘Voyage’ concert is] the last thing we do. Same thing with the album.”

ABBA gave a sneak peek at the upcoming ‘Voyage’ shows last week with a dazzling official trailer.

Meanwhile, the event’s producers spoke to NME about what to expect from the “magical space circus”. The spectacle was put together by former Klaxons member James Righton and features Little Boots as part of the live band.

Speaking to NME about the experience, Little Boots – aka Victoria Hesketh – said it was “absolutely mind-blowing” to work with ABBA, who she’s always been a “mega-fan” of.

“I’m a big disco fan so I’m glad that’s gone full circle to be recognised for its songwriting,” she explained. “ABBA are a legendary part of the fabric of our artistic history now.”