AC/DC amp up excitement for new album ‘Power Up’ with devilish ‘Demon Fire’ trailer

The band's new record will be released next month

AC/DC have shared a new trailer ahead of the release of their new album ‘Power Up’ next month.

The band’s 17th studio album sees them reunite with frontman Brian Johnson, who temporarily left the line-up in 2016 due to hearing loss, and is their first release since the death of co-founder Malcolm Young.

‘Power Up’ will be released on November 13 and the legendary group have teased its arrival with a trailer featuring a clip of the song ‘Demon Fire’, which will appear on the record. The song soundtracks a red-lit video of two cars driving in the dark, the figures behind the wheel revealed to be red-eyed demons.


As the clip reaches its end, the devil stands at the mouth of a tunnel as flames light up the sides of the road. Watch it below now.


AC/DC have shared one song in full from the record so far in ‘Shot In The Dark’. Speaking to NME earlier this month, Angus Young described it as “a strong single from a powerful rock album”. “You’ll be able to hear it and know straight away that it’s AC/DC. That’s what we’ve always strived for,” he added.

He continued to discuss the group’s return, saying: “We got together in 2018 and we worked on a lot of ideas that Malcolm and me had done through the years.


“There were AC/DC tracks we’d never got the chance to work on and it was just great that everyone wanted to be a part of it. We’ve managed to get back what the world has known as AC/DC since 1980 when Bon Scott passed away.”

Meanwhile, the band have weighed in on whether some of their classic songs would be accepted in 2020. “I don’t know anymore, I didn’t even know what ‘woke’ stands for and I only found out since I came back to England,” Johnson said. “I have no idea of what it does or how it works!”