AC/DC say they’ve got enough material for another album after ‘Power Up’

"There’s more than enough for another album, probably two"

AC/DC have teased that they have more than enough new material in their archives to record another album after ‘Power Up’.

The Australian hard rock icons will release their 17th album this week, which features an array of ideas from their late co-founder Malcolm Young – who passed away in 2017 after a battle with dementia.

But in a new interview with NME, frontman Brian Johnson explained that the expansive backlog of ideas means that more records could follow in the near future.


“Most of ‘Power Up’ came from ideas before [2008 album] ‘Black Ice’, when Malcolm and Angus would sit together for five days a week and run through ideas,” Johnson explained.

“Malcolm was meticulous, he’d write down everything and when exactly they’d done it; categorise it. There’s more than enough for another album, probably two.”

Brian Johnson and Angus Young of AC/DC perform on stage at Tacoma Dome on February 2, 2016 in Tacoma, Washington. (Picture: Jackie Butler/WireImage)

Bassist Cliff Williams, who came out of retirement for the new record, also hinted at the possibility of more live shows when the coronavirus pandemic comes to an end.

“We did a couple of weeks of rehearsals earlier this year and everyone was playing great,” he explained. “Everyone was up for playing shows, but then we all went home and the pandemic happened so it all went on the shelf.

“We certainly hope that once this is behind us, we can get out there and play again.”


It comes after the band previously explained how ‘Power Up’ is a tribute to Malcolm’s memory.

“With Malcolm, you’ve got to go back to the beginning when he turned to Angus and said: ‘’C’mon, we’ve got to start a band – there’s too much soft music around. I wanna play some rock’n’roll!’,” Johnson told NME.

“He was uncompromising in his ethic. If it wasn’t rock’n’roll, Malcolm didn’t care for it. He’s left us – but he’s still there! In the studio and in everything he did. We’re all very aware of that. When your target is to pay tribute to Malcolm, you just really want to do well and you don’t want to let anyone down.”

AC/DC will release ‘Power Up’ on Friday (November 13).