AC/DC release new single ‘Shot In The Dark’ and announce release date for ‘POWER UP’ album

Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd and Stevie Young are back

AC/DC have released their comeback single ‘Shot In The Dark’ today (October 7) after teasing new material for the past few weeks — you can listen to the song below.

Previewed last week in the form of a short video clip, the track is taken from the recently reunited band’s upcoming new album ‘POWER UP’, which will be released on November 13.

‘Shot In The Dark’ sees the beloved line-up of Angus Young, Brian Johnson, Cliff Williams, Phil Rudd and Stevie Young firing on all cylinders once again.


You can hear AC/DC’s ‘Shot In The Dark’ below.

You can see the tracklist for AC/DC’s ‘Power Up’, which was produced by Brendan O’Brien, below.

1. ‘Realize’
2. ‘Rejection’
3. ‘Shot In The Dark’
4. ‘Through The Mists Of Time’
5. ‘Kick You When You’re Down’
6. ‘Witch’s Spell’
7. ‘Demon Fire’
8. ‘Wild Reputation’
9. ‘No Man’s Land’
10. ‘Systems Down’
11. ‘Money Shot’
12. ‘Code Red’

Describing ‘Shot In The Dark’, guitarist Angus Young told NME: “It’s a strong single from a powerful rock album. You’ll be able to hear it and know straight away that it’s AC/DC. That’s what we’ve always strived for.”

On the group’s return, Young added: “We got together in 2018 and we worked on a lot of ideas that Malcolm [Young] and me had done through the years.


“There were AC/DC tracks we’d never got the chance to work on and it was just great that everyone wanted to be a part of it. We’ve managed to get back what the world has known as AC/DC since 1980 when Bon Scott passed away.”

The band also marked the ‘Power Up’ announcement by projecting imagery on such London landmarks as Battersea Power Station, St Paul’s Cathedral, Marble Arch and the Tate Modern.

Speaking recently about the band’s upcoming new album, their first since 2014’s ‘Rock Or Bust’, longtime AC/DC sound engineer Mike Fraser told the AC/DCFans.Net podcast about how the band’s songwriting and recording process this time around echoed the approach that was adopted on their last album.

“I think Angus [Young, guitarist] kind of came into this with a lot of ideas and riffs and not too many completed songs,” Fraser said. “But that was similar on ‘Rock Or Bust’, ‘cos him and Malcolm [Young] had written tons of songs before Mal got sick and eventually passed away [in 2017].

“So he’s got a whole treasure trove of ideas and riffs and all that. He’s probably spent a few years before we came in to do this record pooling ideas together and all that, and then when he came into the studio here, he just sat down with a whole suitcase full of little demo things he had done. And him and Brendan O’Brien, who produced the record, would sift through all the ideas and say, ‘Hey, that’s great. That’s a really good song. Let’s put that riff here.’”

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