AC/DC to release jigsaw puzzles based on four classic album covers

And they're not the first band to branch out into licensed jigsaw puzzles...

Australian rock veterans AC/DC are the latest band to release jigsaw puzzles themed around their artwork.

Four of their album covers, the 1976 international version of ‘High Voltage’, 1981’s ‘For Those About To Rock’, 1987’s ‘Blow Up Your Video’ and 1995’s ‘Ballbreaker’, have received the jigsaw puzzle treatment.

The puzzles will be made up of 500 pieces each, and released on September 4 via the company Zee Productions’ ‘Rock Saw’ range. You can order yours here.


AC/DC Puzzles
CREDIT: Zee Productions

They’re not the first rock legends whose covers the company have turned into puzzles. They launched last year with art from the likes of Iron Maiden, Slayer, Judas Priest and Motorhead, followed by a special range of Metallica records and a similar run of Rush LPs.

Meanwhile, Radiohead have also begun selling a special jigsaw puzzle, which they’ve branded the ‘Radiohead Fragmentary Time Waster’.

The 1000-piece puzzle was released last week and forms the artwork from the band’s ‘Com Lag (2plus2isfive)’ compilation EP, which was released back in 2004.

An accompanying advert for the puzzle reads: “Bored? Got nothing to do? Fed up? Nothing on the TV. No way! What you gonna do? Gonna get a jigsaw innit.


“Tell me more, tell me more! A Radiohead jigsaw. Has it got loads and loads of pieces? A thousand. Is it really difficult and will it take ages? I reckon so, yeah. Sounds great! Is it affordable? Depends on your finances. Is there a chance you could still be bored after completing it? Yeah probably. Sounds amazing!!!”