AC/DC: ‘We’ll never let people download our music’

Aussie legends say they’ve vowed to keep their music away from iTunes

AC/DC have said they will never make their music available to download online.

The band, who released a new live DVD ‘AC/DC: Live At River Plate’ on Monday (May 9), told Sky News that they only want their tracks to be available as part of a full album.

Guitarist Angus Young said of the band’s stance on downloading: “I know The Beatles have changed but we’re going to carry on like that. For us it’s the best way. We are a band who started off with albums and that’s how we’ve always been.”

He continued: “We always were a band that if you heard something (from AC/DC) on the radio, well, that’s only three minutes. Usually the best tracks were on the albums.”

Singer Brian Johnson also said he believed the reason the band have survived for such a long time is that they’ve stuck to their original formula of out and out rock’n’roll.

He said: “We don’t try to change and that strikes a chord. It’s just out and out rock’n’roll, that’s what we do. We’ve outlived quite a few fashions. We’re still playing what we always did which is good old rock and roll.”