AC/DC: ‘We’ve survived every fashion of music’

Band say they 'fucking love' their new DVD

AC/DC have said they believe their continued success is down their ability to “survive every fashion of music.”

The Australian stadium rockers, who release a new live DVD ‘AC/DC: Live At River Plate’ on Monday (May 9), say they’ve “outlived” every new genre of music that has come along.

Speaking in The Sun today (May 6) about the success of the band’s 2008 album ‘Black Ice’, guitarist Angus Young said: “We have such diehard fans, old and new. We’ve survived many changing fashions of music – we’ve outlived the lot of them.”

Frontman Brian Johnson also said the band were delighted with the DVD, saying it accurately captured their live show. “I fucking love this film” he said. “It was like I’d never seen our show before. I’ve seen other films [of AC/DC in concert], but not one as good as this.”

Young also said the band are planning their next tour and are hoping to top their last world tour. “Now we’re thinking, ‘How can we ever better the ‘Black Ice’ world tour?’ But we will,” he claimed.