The soldiers are using the band's music to try and drive Muslim rebels from their homes...

US marines in IRAQ are reportedly blasting AC/DC at high volumes in an attempt to drive MUSLIM rebels from their homes.

Troops in Fallujah have been broadcasting AC/DC‘s ‘Shoot To Thrill’ alongside insulting messages in Arabic by loudspeaker in an attempt to break the nerves of their enemy.

There has been no reaction from the Australian rockers yet, but last year Metallica were furious at the news that the military were using their songs to “break down” Iraqi captives in Baghdad.

“I feel horrible about this. No one in Iraq has ever done anything to hurt me and I don’t understand why we have to be implicated in that bullshit,” Lars Ulrich said after discovering interrogators played Metallica‘s ‘Enter Sandman’ in the hope of extracting information about weapons of mass destruction.