AC/DC's Brian Johnson has a swinging time at the band's rock extravaganza...

AC/DC exploded to life in the UK last night (June 8), finishing a day-long festival of rock with a monumental firework display.

As the band finished their two-hour set of greatest hits at the comfortably full 65,000 capacity Milton Keynes Bowl, thousands of pounds of pyrotechnics flamed around the stage.

As ever, a huge bell was lowered down to the stage during the song, enabling the school unifrom-attired guitarist Brian Johnson to have a good few swings on it as it clanged around.

The day of down-and-dirty rock started at 4pm with an opening set from Megadeth, before Queens Of The Stone Age took to the stage before a less than appreciative crowd.

The band tried to win the audience over by playing a cover of ZZ Top’s ‘Purity And Grace’, introduced by lead singer Josh Homme saying: “Y’all like ZZ Top? Good, ‘cos if you didn’t I’d have to fuck you up.”

Unfortunately for the Queens, the ruse failed to win the traditional rock crowd over, and they finished their set by staring out the audience for five minutes, then smashing up their gear.

The Offspring, last on the bill before AC/DC, had a much better time of it, and kept the St John’s Ambulance crew busy dragging people out of the moshpit.

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