For those about to release a new album, we salute you...

AC/DC have finished their forthcoming album and have tentatively called it ‘Stiff Upper Lip’, according to reports from the US.

Although the band’s UK press office at their UK label EMI could not confirm the report, other than to say they knew the album was on its way, MTV reported that it was due out in the States on February 29 on Elektra.

It was also reported that an untitled single would precede it later this month.


The record was produced by GEORGE YOUNG, the older brother of the band’s guitarists ANGUS and MALCOLM YOUNG. It was recorded in Vancouver, Canada, at a studio owned by rocker BRYAN ADAMS.

‘Stiff Upper Lip’ will be released almost exactly 20 years since former AC/DC lead singer BON SCOTT died – and amidst rumours that it will be the band’s last.

There are also rumours that they will play a major outdoor UK festival this summer too. will announce details as soon as they’re confirmed.