AC/DC’s Brian Johnson could resume performing in six months, claim hearing technology experts

Hearing experts Asius have claimed that their latest technology could aid the frontman's hearing problems

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson could perform live with the band again “within six months”, according to hearing experts Asius.

Johnson has been unable to fulfil live commitments with the long-running rock band after he was ordered by doctors in March to stop touring or face permanent hearing loss. He was replaced by Guns ‘n Roses frontman Axl Rose for the band’s recent ‘Rock Or Bust’ world tour.

However, as Team Rock reports, there is now new hope that Johnson could perform live with AC/DC again, possibly within six months.


Hearing aid developers Asius have been in contact with the 68-year-old about how they could assist the singer in returning to the stage, and the Colorado-based company are now set to meet with Johnson again to let him test a prototype that could help protect his hearing in the live arena.

Speaking about the prototype, Asius’ Chief Scientist Stephen Ambrose was hopeful that his company’s new development could be the answer.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we have something that Brian, and other people, can use to return to the stage without any threat of damage to his hearing within the next six to 12 months,” Ambrose said. “I will endeavour to kick up the development of the technology another 10 notches, at which point I expect to get the green light from Brian’s doctors to test the prototype with him.

“We need to know he can test it without further damaging his hearing. And I expect those tests will go very successfully.”

Ambrose has also praised Johnson’s willingness to test his company’s products, stating that it would help attract the valuable funding required for Asius to continue developing their line of technology.

“Having Brian Johnson involved has helped us get the support of a lot of major companies – support that wouldn’t have been there without him. Brian was excited by the technology and he said it worked. He said he just couldn’t wait to test a ‘miniaturised’ version of the prototype – and now we’re almost ready to test that with him.


“Brian is not just doing this for himself but for everyone else who needs help. We aim to make our technology available at a price point that people can afford.”

If Johnson does return to touring with AC/DC, it won’t be with long-serving bassist Cliff Williams – he retired earlier this month at the conclusion of their aforementioned world tour.