Sharks like listening to AC/DC and heavy metal music, says new book

Sharks don't have ears but they're drawn to the low frequency pulsing sounds prevalent in heavy metal

Sharks enjoy listening to heavy metal bands, according to a new book which looks at the science behind animals’ relationship with music.

Great white sharks are particularly receptive to AC/DC anthems like ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’ and ‘If You Want Blood (You Got It)’, reports Team Rock after reading the book, which is titled The Mice Who Sing For Sex: And Other Weird Tales From The World Of Science.

Sharks don’t actually have ears, but the book’s co-authors, Radio X presenter Lliana Bird and neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis, say they are drawn to the low frequency pulsing sounds prevalent in heavy metal songs.


Matt Waller, a chartered boat operator in Southern Australia, first noticed in 2011 that sharks behaved in a much calmer manner when played heavy metal music.

He told Australian news outlet ABC News at the time: “I was talking to a guy who had been diving in Guadeloupe and there were some divers there who just been playing music in the water. We got talking and they said there were some certain songs that saw an actual change in the behaviour of the sharks.”

He continued: “I started going through my albums and AC/DC was something that really hit the mark. Their behaviour was more investigative, more inquisitive and a lot less aggressive. They actually came past on a couple of occasions when we had the speaker in the water and rubbed their face along the speaker which was really bizarre.”