Krokus singer open to joining AC/DC having previously declined invite

Marc Storace of the band Krokus was originally approached to replace Bon Scott in 1980

Marc Storace, the Maltese-born singer of Swiss band Krokus, has said he would “certainly” be keen on filling in for AC/DC‘s Brian Johnson, despite once turning down the chance to join the band.

The Australian band recently rescheduled a handful of US live dates after Johnson was advised by doctors to “stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss”.

The group issued a statement on their official website confirming that the remaining dates of their US tour will be “made up later in the year, likely with a guest vocalist”.

Despite reports that Johnson may not be keen on retiring, Storace has now said in an interview that he would be open to performing with the group. Storace had originally been considered to replace the late Bon Scott in 1980, Blabbermouth reports.

Storace (pictured below) has now told BlastEcho: “It’s amazing after so many years that this situation comes up again. It’s really, really incredible.”

He continued: “As far as it concerns me, obviously there’s my loyalty to Krokus, but the guys would understand if the offer came and I would certainly take it up this time and go for an audition. Then it’s up to [AC/DC lead guitarist] Angus [Young] to decide.”

“For me, AC/DC is Angus Young — no offence to Brian Johnson. I think Brian Johnson did a magnificent job with his special unique kind of voice. But losing your hearing is not a nice thing. It’s like losing our eyesight for a musician.”


Storace also hinted that he has already been approached with an offer to fill in for Johnson. “I actually didn’t even have to call Sony [AC/DC and Krokus’ label], they were already on the ball,” he said.

“This thing is not an easy thing to decide. I don’t know what’s happening and I don’t wanna ask. I’m concentrating on my life and if they decide it’s gonna be someone else, I’ll continue with my life like I’ve always [done].”

Following speculation over Brian Johnson’s replacement, comedian Jim Breuer recently claimed on his The Metal In Me podcast that Johnson feels like he’s been “kicked to the curb” by the band. However, Breuer later backtracked on his comments, saying that he got “carried away”.

Johnson has been AC/DC’s lead vocalist since 1980, joining the group following the death of previous singer Bon Scott.

AC/DC had also been set to perform stadium gigs in Manchester and London during June, although it is not currently known whether these shows will continue to go ahead with or without Johnson.