AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd loses appeal against conviction for drug possession and threats to kill

The musician was convicted in July of drug possession and making threats to kill

Ex-AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has lost an appeal against his recent conviction for drug possession and making threats to kill a former employee.

In July, Rudd was sentenced to eight months of home detention for possession of methamphetamine and marijuana and making murder threats.

The court had heard that Rudd had fired a number of employees due to the poor sales of his solo album ‘Head Job’, with it alleged that he later told an associate that he wanted one of his former employees to be “taken out”. Rudd allegedly offered the associate NZ$200,000 (£100,000) to complete the task.


According to 3 News, Rudd’s latest appeal against the conviction has been rejected and the musician has been meeting with a specialist psychiatrist.

He has also allegedly reconciled with the individual he threatened.


Rudd was recently arrested again for breaching the conditions of his home detention sentence. He subsequently pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Rudd has been allowed to remain in home confinement on bail until a hearing regarding the alleged breach in November.

Rudd has not played live with AC/DC since his arrest. He was replaced on the band’s current world tour by Chris Slade.